Fine Sea Salt harvested in Trapani, Sicily - Clean Food, NO CHEMICALLY PROCESSED | UNREFINED | GLUTEN FREE | ADDITIVE FREE | NO ANTI-CAKING | Vibrant Clean Flavor | Stored in glass for freshness | 15.87 oz

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Sea Salt Features

  • FLAVOR - papa vince Sea Salt is subtly sweet, never bitter, moist and mild. It makes every bite delicious. First try Papa Vince salt, then try any other salt. The difference is incredible!
  • SOLAR EVAPORATED & HAND-HARVESTED - yearly on the clear waters of the mediterranean coast of Sicily just as the Phoenicians did over 2000 years ago. Compared to Himalayan, Celtic, Tibetan, Malaysian, French, Hawaiian, Irish, and Marine Sea Salts, Papa Vince Sea Salt means ethical labor standards, and sustainable practices.
  • CLEAN FOOD, ALL NATURAL, UNREFINED & ADDITIVE FREE - Natural Sea Salt just the way nature made it, with nothing added and nothing removed.Great for finishing, cooking & curing
  • HEALTHY - An ancient sea salt recommended for its unique blend of trace minerals.
  • MOIST TEXTURE & UNIQUE MILD FRESH FLAVOR that will elevate any cuisine to new heights. 
  • NOTE - It clumps because it contains NO CALCIUM SILICATE | NO ANTI-CAKING AGENT. Papa Vince Sea Salt is made to promote your health every year. 

Sea Salt Description

Located on the northwest of Sicily lies the famous city of Trapani, known throughout history as a part of the “SALT ROAD”.

HAND-HARVESTED every summer from the Mediterranean waters trapped in the shallow coast of Trapani, Papa Vince Sea Salt has a moist texture and a unique mild flavor that will elevate your every meal to new heights. It's SUPERB for finishing, cooking & curing.

This SOLAR-EVAPORATED Sea Salt works in harmony with more than just authentic Italian cuisine—it makes a flavorful replacement for your everyday table salt.

This ALL-NATURAL, UNREFINED, ADDITIVE FREE Sea Salt will not only improve any cuisine but it will captivate its users forever!

About Papa Vince

Papa Vince is a small family business in Sicily, Italy. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality artisan products. Once you taste Papa Vince products we are convinced you will become part of our family. It's the Italian way to make friends with food around the table.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Salt

Very happy with my Papa Vince Sea Salt. I have compared three other salts I have to Papa Vince's, the taste difference is remarkable. Very happy to have this one as my go to. Less is more with this amazing salt. No bitterness either.

Sea Salt is Spectacular!

Excellent taste, nothing added and it still doesn’t clump. I use it in everything...seasoning meat and fish, pasta water, soups and’s a wonderful addition to the Papa Vince line!

Only the best

My granddaughter is sick so our family is very picky about what she eats. All of Papa Vince’s products are the best. I especially love the lemon/olive oil and balsamic vinegar . Ask my granddaughter and she will say the tomato sauce is perfect because it has very low acid and doesn’t upset her stomach. We all love Papa Vince. And especially Vitina !


As with all Papa Vince products, sea salt was wonderful, clean taste.

Sicilian Salt Seasons Sensationally

Touring Trapani, Sicily learning about the special salt flats I knew we had to have some. Papa Vince provides glass containers with a salt that delivers a wonderful taste that is reminiscent of the ocean. We simply love it.