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Extravagant Simplicity

This olive oil is something special. I find myself reducing ingredients in my dishes so that I don’t overwhelm the taste of my oil. Perfect for salads. My kids delightfully dip their bread in it. I use it to lavishly finish roasted vegetables. I have even had a spoon or two to sooth an upset stomach. If you want elevated cuisine you have to elevate the ingredients. Papa Vince olive oil is in a class all of its own. Worth every penny. It’s inspired many dishes in my kitchen. I’ve added the orange oil as essence to a whipped cream. The flavored oils are fun, but simple is best. I am a fan for life. (Can olive oil change your life for the better? Maybe so!, eat and be blessed)

Good stuff

I do at least a tbs. a day just for overall health benefits but it has to be of great quality that's why I buy papa vince extra virgin olive. I keep buying it so I must like it

EVOO with Tangerines to Start the Day

The simplicity of this EVOO flavored with tangerines is a wonderful addition to my morning breakfast! I so enjoy my egg over easy when the pan has been coated with this aromatic and lovely oil. It’s such a delightful change from regular cooking sprays or other oils. I highly recommend this product for cooking eggs, drizzling on toast, or even drizzling over arugula for a breakfast salad. Don’t miss out on this wonderful treat!

Love the No-Acid Coffee from Papa Vince!

Papa Vince coffee satisfies my search for a coffee that tastes smooth and fresh without giving me heartburn! I have been looking for a while and have tried other brands from Amazon and none met the standard except for Papa Vince! I am so thrilled to order coffee from Papa Vince as I am a regular customer for the best EVOO, vinegar, and pasta! Thanks Papa Vince for providing us wholesome, tasty, and healthy food products!


We want a pure virgin olive oil for cooking and Papa Vince’s is perfect.
Great taste. We use it for veggies. It’s the perfect addition.
Comes carefully wrapped and delivered quickly.


When my doctor told me that I was going to have to do The Whole 30, I was confused and frustrated. After weeks of preparing and reading, I discovered Papa Vince. It truly is a gift. I am a dipper and this tomato sauce is perfect for everything!! Yes it taste great!!

Orange Olive Oil

Very pleasant flavor, use it in my salads.
We also put it in our smoothies. Great Product.
Thank You For Your Hard Work.

Best by Far

Truly enjoyed this pasta and will only purchase Papa Vince from this day forward. It matters what goes into our bodies now more than ever. Thank you Papa Vince for holding to a higher standard!

If you care

If you care about what you put into your body, you will choose Papa Vince. If you care about taste you will choose Papa Vince. You can't go wrong choosing this oil and the many other fine products they offer. It's the company I choose for my olive oil needs because I care!

Always excellent!

The olive oils are the best, the wine vinegar is amazing, and the pastas too! Great service and delivery, excellent communication and customer service!! Will always be back for more!


This olive oil is the best I’ve ever had. I’ve been using it on salads and will be using it all summer on Caprese salads. Try it and you’ll be hooked!

The Absolute Best!

Ii have been enjoying Papa Vince extra virgin olive oil for many years. I won't buy anything else. An Italian friend sent me a bottle of "California" olive oil for Christmas saying it was her family's favorite. It was blah. Not the wonderful flavor I am used to with Papa Vince. I also appreciate that Papa Vince is "clean".no pesticides, non GMO, etc. I LOVE Papa Vince EVOO and will be a fan forever! Thank you Vitina!

Add zip to salads

This is the second order of the chili infused Olive oil, ,actually use more of this than reg Olive Oil, though that's a favorite too.I shared this past order with my daughters who were here for St. Paddy's Day-two got the chili and one the the lemon. They too love the flavor these infused olive oils impart to salads, will be ordering more soon to replace my shared bottles.

You can taste the sunshine

This is the absolute best olive oil available. One taste and I was hooked. A drizzle of Papa Vince brings a dish to another level. I buy it for gifts. Yes, it’s that amazing. Grazie, Vitina!

The olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Italian coffee beans were all delicioso..

Good quality products.
I keep re-ordering so I must be enjoying.

Love their products

We love the olive oil and the lemon olive oil. So delicious. The balsamic vinegar is also amazing! Definitely recommend!

Gourmet Clean Food Basket from Sicily Gift - Farm Fresh Food from Italy | Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Glaze, Busiate Tumminia Pasta, Cherry Tomato Sauce | Papa Vince

The personal service with your order is outstanding and the tomato sauce is excellent

7 Stars

Their sauce is the best. Only other place can be found is in private homes of Sicily. Not even restaurants in Italy duplicate this awesome sauce and wonderful pasta. Michelin quality food.