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Cherry Tomato Sauce

This tomato sauce is so delicious and has such a fresh flavor! You can really taste the difference from any other sauce that I have tried - love it :)

The best I have had

I bought Papa Vince after having it on a salad at a friend’s house. It is hands down the best finishing olive oil I have had.

Papa Vince Gift

My daughter sent me a Papa Vince gift basket which I am enjoying. I love the olive oil and the tomato sauce was do fresh tasting. Pasta is superb. Recommend trying Papa Vince products.

Family loved it.

Bought as a gift for family members— they loved the homemade pasta and fresh sauce, and the lemon flavored olive oil was excellent over salad.

Hands down, the best olive oil I have found

Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil is by far the best olive oil I have found. It has exceptional taste and goes down very smoothly when drank straight. I have been drinking about 3 tablespoons a day at night and in the morning and I feel very good. The other olive oils I had tried either did not taste that good, or they made my stomach feel queasy. Not so with Papa Vince's. I have done the fridge test will all the olive oils I have tried, and Papa Vince's olive oil solidifies to a soft waxy consistency after about 12 hours in the fridge. The other oils either did not change at all, or after over a week in the fridge were only partially solid. If what I understand is correct, olive oil that does not solidify is not pure olive oil. In the photos, the yellow container is Papa Vince oil after 12 hours in the fridge, and the white and blue container is another well reviewed brand of olive oil after 12 days in the fridge. (The Papa Vince oil came out beautifully)
I am very happy with my Papa Vince Olive Oil and also the wonderful staff. Vitina has been very helpful and a joy to work with. I will keep buying from Papa Vince.

College Coach re Gerd: Live with Hiatal Stomach Hernia

Four years ago, I was on a recruiting trip for college athletics. I am a coach at a major university. While on the trip, I became so sick from a burning stomach and throat that I had to come home. I was burping for hours and it was unbearable. Immediately, I went to a specialist for Gerd. They found ulcers and a Hiatal hernia in my stomach. It was from years of Ibuprophen to relieve the pain I suffer from being a former top-ranked athlete. The doctor said we can operate. I said no.

So, I went to work. It was another full-time job to heal myself. Immediately, I spent hours studying and shopping for foods. I was determined to get well. I got off the Ibuprophen, reduced my sugar intake by 80%, became lactose free, ate no red meat, went 70% gluten free, and stopped eating high-acidic foods. Examples of acidic foods and drinks were pizza sauces, soft drinks and juices. The other precautions I took were to eat a bit less, no eating past 6 PM, and sleeping on a 6" foam wedge at night.

The results were a life-changing miracle. I lost 18 net pounds in six month. I take no proton pump inhibitors and I have far less Gerd. I have no burning stomach. I cleared up all stomach ulcers. I reduced the body aches and I manage my life-long IBS much better.

Although, I still slightly feel the hernia after a meal (eating a little to much), its not that bad. The doctor said the hernia will never totally go away, but can be manage if done right. During my one year check-up, the doctor said "Hardly any of my patients do this. They all want a pill or an operation, and very few will change the way they eat so drastically". This change also creates zero problem in maintaining my body weight, even when I don't get enough exercise.

Being married into an Italian family, I missed eating pizza. So, I cook with GF and lactose free products, and I use Papa Vince Pizza Sauce religiously.

Light portions of Papa Vince Sauce combined with fresh tomatoes, was the answer for me. I eat an Italian dish about every other week with no stomach or esophagus problem.

Thanks to the delicious Papa Vince product (I use their olive oil also), I can enjoy a broader range of foods and eat healthier. The burning Gerd has basically gone away.



I tried the olive oil, olive oil with lemon, and the Vinegar.
I love them so much. Exactly what I was looking for.
The taste of the olive oil and vinegar far exceeded the taste of other brands we normally find in the grocery stores.
Excellent quality.

Chili Pepper oil and WOW! Great flavor!

We just ordered this Chili Pepper oil and WOW! Great flavor! Hot but not to hot. We dip our fresh bread in it. We also add to our Fajita meat "Boom" Adds that little extra "pop" to the meal.

Flavor Fresh & Delicious New Olive Oil

OLIVE OIL EXTRA VIRGIN AND TANGERINES is so flavorful and delicious. I added this oil to my corn pudding recipe for Thanksgiving and my family loved it. I now brush it on sweet vegetables when I bake them such as acorn squash and sweet potatoes. The tangerine flavor is natural and yummy. And now before I bake my vanilla cakes I brush the baking pans with this oil and you can taste a hint of tangerine. But the BEST is to add this oil to pancake batter or drizzle it on a salad of arugula, watercress and thinly sliced red onions adding pecans and any citrus fruit--It is AWESOME!!! Thank you Papa Vince & Vitina Feo for this delicious new flavor in olive oil -- Bravo!!!

These flavors are fantastic

I tried the olive oil on my clam sauce its flavor went up a notch on my sauce, delicious. Than, I've use the balsamic and olive oil on my salad it was also tasty, along with my dip of olive oil on my garlic bread. A glass of wine at dinner it turned out to be a great meal. Thank you for this delicious oil, the aroma was bursting with the smell and taste of
olives. I will tell others about your products.

Flavored Oils

Love all the flavored oils!! My husband especially loves the spicy one. I have been using the lemon and orange in baking. Delicious!!! Will order all of my olive oils from Papa Vince from now on!

So pleased

Great taste and fast delivery aside, the best part is the harvest date is printed on bottle, and it comes from one orchard. Most other olive oils are blends from different orchards and countries so you never know what you are getting and how fresh it really is. Thank you Papa Vince for being so transparent.

Bought as a gift

Papa Vince products are always a hit when we give them as gifts. We gave to four families this Christmas and everyone was happy. I especially like the low acid tomato sauce.

My family loved this food basket!

I purchased this basket of wonderful Sicilian products for a family Christmas present. They were overjoyed at both the variety and the taste of everything. The olive oils in particular were a hit! And as always, great customer service.

Vinegar and olive oil

Vinegar and olive oil The balsamic vinegar and olive oil are my favorite I intend to order more soon thank you for such a fine product

Wholesome food

Excellent items, well wrapped, and made with care. I am impressed with the long history of this business. The tomato sauce was excellent in my spaghetti sauce!

I love these products!

I received this in a beautiful gift set a couple of years ago. We spent 3 years in Sicilly, so when we saw the contents of the gift box , we were so exposed to get our hands on GENUINE Italian ingredients to cook our favorite meals with. These products did NOT Disappoint! Deliciouss! And a beautiful, thoughtful, generous gift!

Lemon Marmalade: First time buyer

The flavor is intense! I am hyperglycemic so I am careful about carbs. I make it a practice to limit my daily carb allotment to those foods I truly enjoy eating. I found a small amount spread on homemade whole grain bread was fantastic. It satisfied my sweet tooth, did not give me a sugar "high" and removed the temptation to indulge on more processed products. Researching more savory uses for Lemon Marmalade. Bet it would be great glaze for salmon and roast chicken.