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I stock up on my Papa Vince!

Have to make sure there is plenty of Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my pantry or hubby won’t be happy! He uses it every day and I make sure we don’t run out.
Bought my Christmas gifts early to let my neighbors in on the delicious taste of Papa Vince!

Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin - Unblended, Family Harvest, High in Polyphenols, Single Estate, First Cold Pressed, Sicily, Italy, Peppery Finish, Unfiltered, Unrefined,

Delicious Olive Oil!

Great Olive Oil! My mom and grandma are 100% Sicilian and when we compared this Sicilian olive oil to others, they did not even compare! Papa Vince was by far the best! Giving these out as wedding favors!

Excellent flavor for salads

When we first used the orange EVOO on a salad we were hooked, try if you haven’t already, you’ll be amazed!


I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have found a CLEAN, AUTHENTIC olive oil! The flavor is amazing, the quality, the smell, the packaging. Hands down will order again and again and even gift to family and friends. Thank you for making a product I can feed my family with pride


Outstanding flavor and taste delicious. Quality is unmatched. I buy on Amazon but I will buy here instead. Best deal is to buy two and save on shipping. I want to try the salt soon too. Maybe take family to visit this amazing place.

Self Gift of Papa Vince

My sister gifts me Papa Vince for Xmas. I like it so much, I finished it and had to get another

Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin - 4Bottles Save $23.00 with Subscription

Simply the Best

Papa Vince EVOO is Simply the Best EVOO I’ve ever tasted. I love the flavored EVOO as well. The new Salad Dressing is so delicious, I could drink it. I’ve used it on meat and fish as well as salad greens. If you have not yet tried Papa Vince EVOO I strongly recommend you taste the perfection.

It’s great!

I can definitely taste the difference from store bought EVOO! The peppery taste surprised and delighted me. I’ll be ordering more!


I just received my oil and I tasted it! It’s tastes wonderful you can feel the peppery kick in your throat.I love how it has the vitamins in it, other olive oil doesn’t have that. Thanks a million Papa Vince!

Great product

It has been few months since I have been trying exrra virgin olive oil of some of the best brands for my 9 years old son suffering with Autusm. This product has been out of the world. Papa Vince is a pioneer in the purest olive oil production. This is just great.

Excellent Product, Excellent Service

This product is delicious on a salad! As always, the service was outstanding! I will definitely continue to purchase from this company!


Wow, what a pleasant surprise to taste Papa Vince's delicious and perfect extra virgin olive oil. The peppery zest is the finest finish. I cannot wait to try all the bella cosi fir sale from Papa Vince's pantry.
P.S. If you are wondering is it worth the money_ well YES it is!! Tasting Papa's food, It is like a trip to Italy. MOLTO SIMPATICO