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Fabulous every time!

Papa Vince and their products never disappoint! I take their olive oils as hostess gifts instead of bottles of wine, and my friends love it!

I have been told

After I showed your olive oil bottle to my husband, he said you are right in the middle of the mafia and they are notorious for adding other oils and flavors to the olive oil they control, hence, not pure olive oil. I thought after that your olive oil must be among one of these mixtures. I spent the money, so I’m using it, but doubt I’ll order your product again.

Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I can Describe your Product in 3 Words " FULL OF LIFE " !!!
It has a Clean Taste + Great for your Health. BRAVO !!!
I Felt Like a Deer Grazing in The Field. EXCELLENT !!!
Thank You... Papa Vince / Vitina... Peace be with You !!!

Tangerine Olive Oil

We use it in our tea, it adds a great texture and taste. A great Olive Oil for just about anything. Thank You for your hard work.

Orange Olive Oil

It is very smooth and tasty. Great as salad dressing. We also use it to cook with, great flavor. Thank You for your hard work.

Tasty olive oil

I can taste the clean goodness in every bottle of Papa Vince's olive oil. The taste of each flavor, lemon, orange, tangerine, and chili are very strong! I've only tried a couple of brands of olive oil and after researching Papa Vince I believe this olive oil is absolutely wonderful! The smell, taste, clean goodness is pure health!
Sincerely, Carlos Cordova

So rich taste

This combination of the olive oil and the balsamic vinegar is so rich in flavor without that "oily taste" you get sometimes from other brands. This is the way to healthy and naturally complement ANY salad dressing should taste/be like!

Papa Vince Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

Love all of the Papa Vince products!!! Always delicious. Prompt delivery and first class customer service!!!

Gotta Have

I have to a dedicated customer since 2016 when I first met Vitna and tasted Papa Vince Olive Oil. Now I make sure I have several bottles on hand for cooking and giving a bottle to my friends. A bottle of Papa Vince makes a wonderful gift for your special friends. Share the love!!


Anyone out there like to eat Avocado Toast? Well turn it up a notch by pouring some Papa Vince Lemon Flavored Olive Oil over the top. Simple the BEST! I recommend this product to all my friend!!.



incomparable product!

This cafe is phenomenal! Notes of hazelnut and chocolate stand out clearly. The aftertaste is sweet and soft, and it is a pleasure to keep it in the mouth even after an hour of drinking it! It is already evident from the grains that it is an artisanal product. the medium and delicate roasting makes the beans perfect and without any imperfections. Great!

Papa Vince Extra Virgin Lemon Olive Oil

The first time I bought a small bottle to test it. I have been hooked ever since. The lemon flavor is there without being bitter or fake tasting. It is a very high quality product which, in my opinion, stands out above the others I have tried, including the specialty stores that sell flavored oils only. I like to use it on all my cooked vegetables in place of butter and salt.


Great flavor, distinctive and gourmet. Pair it with an equally gourmet balsamic vinegar and you will dress your salads only with oil and vinegar going forward!

Very Tasty!

Have use this salt on my hard boiled eggs and it is very tasty and flavor enhancing with just a small amount. Have already gotten another to share!

Extravagant Simplicity

This olive oil is something special. I find myself reducing ingredients in my dishes so that I don’t overwhelm the taste of my oil. Perfect for salads. My kids delightfully dip their bread in it. I use it to lavishly finish roasted vegetables. I have even had a spoon or two to sooth an upset stomach. If you want elevated cuisine you have to elevate the ingredients. Papa Vince olive oil is in a class all of its own. Worth every penny. It’s inspired many dishes in my kitchen. I’ve added the orange oil as essence to a whipped cream. The flavored oils are fun, but simple is best. I am a fan for life. (Can olive oil change your life for the better? Maybe so!, eat and be blessed)

Good stuff

I do at least a tbs. a day just for overall health benefits but it has to be of great quality that's why I buy papa vince extra virgin olive. I keep buying it so I must like it

EVOO with Tangerines to Start the Day

The simplicity of this EVOO flavored with tangerines is a wonderful addition to my morning breakfast! I so enjoy my egg over easy when the pan has been coated with this aromatic and lovely oil. It’s such a delightful change from regular cooking sprays or other oils. I highly recommend this product for cooking eggs, drizzling on toast, or even drizzling over arugula for a breakfast salad. Don’t miss out on this wonderful treat!

Love the No-Acid Coffee from Papa Vince!

Papa Vince coffee satisfies my search for a coffee that tastes smooth and fresh without giving me heartburn! I have been looking for a while and have tried other brands from Amazon and none met the standard except for Papa Vince! I am so thrilled to order coffee from Papa Vince as I am a regular customer for the best EVOO, vinegar, and pasta! Thanks Papa Vince for providing us wholesome, tasty, and healthy food products!


We want a pure virgin olive oil for cooking and Papa Vince’s is perfect.
Great taste. We use it for veggies. It’s the perfect addition.
Comes carefully wrapped and delivered quickly.


When my doctor told me that I was going to have to do The Whole 30, I was confused and frustrated. After weeks of preparing and reading, I discovered Papa Vince. It truly is a gift. I am a dipper and this tomato sauce is perfect for everything!! Yes it taste great!!

Tangerine Olive Oil

Very good in my coffee every morning, we also use it in hot tea.
Great Product.
Thanks For The Hard Work.