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Papa Vince's EVVO is unsurpassed in quality! It is absolutely delicious. I use it for anything calling for oil and, many times, use it instead of butter. In my last shipment, a recipe card was included for sun dried tomato and EVVO dip. It's fabulous!

Best olive oil

I use ONLY Papa Vince Olive Oil. It’s super clean and absolutely delicious. I cook with it and with Papa Vince Balsamic Glaze to make delicious dressing for my salads.
I highly recommend Papa Vince!

Fantastic flavors

We love both the standard olive oil and the lemon infused. The lemon infused is perfect on salads and adds a clean, fresh taste

Olive oil

I am so happy I came across Papa Vince olive oil over a year ago after searching for pure EVO and getting cheat invitations with other oils mixed in. I would always get a headache from the fake olive oils and knew something wasn't right. I don't have that experience with Papa Vince's EVO. the only sensation I do get is the burning feeling in my throat after ingesting it that you only get from pure olive oil. Plus, my grandmother has Italian friends who give her pure EVO as a gift for birthdays and holidays. So, I know what it is supposed to taste like. Not only is it good to use for cooking and salads. I take a spoonful at night before going to bed to keep my throat from drying out at night since it is now winter, and the heat although very low need to be on. I love the oil and the pasta noodles too. I am a lifetime customer and love the fact that coupons are offered sometime which is helpful to me since I buy 3 to 4 bottles at a time.

Delicious sea salt

I can tell how clean this sea salt is! Absolutely delicious! I stopped using all salts in my pantry as this one beats them all! Highly recommend.

Best Olive Oil

This olive oil was recommended to me a couple of years ago and it is the ONLY olive oil I use. It’s clean, delicious in salads & to cook with. I’m so happy to learn about Papa Vince! I have gifted it to my family and friends! I highly recommend!

Very good wheat pasta

I bought both the white & darker wheat pastas. I mixed the two into boiling water. Sometimes the darker wheat has a very strong flavor & mixing helps. But this dark wheat pasta was very nice, not to strong, not too mild. I liked the fun shape of the noodle. Although it was a bit too long for me.

The real deal not counterfeit

It is said that 80% of all olive oil‘s are fake blended with all different type of oils other than EVO that you will fine in this product. Papa Vince Is the real deal when you are tasting Genuine 100% EVO It will have a peppery aftertaste that’s when you know you got the good stuff. Great EVO cost money to make so expect to pay more if you want the counterfeit stuff go to your big box store they got plenty of it. I’ll be a customer for life great job Papa Vince.

Fresh & Delicious

I’ve been purchasing Papa Vince for several year, ever since we met Vitina at an Italian Festival. On the rare occasions when I run out of Papa Vince, my family can tell the difference! There is such a smooth, fresh taste with a slightly bitter, peppery finish..the qualities I look for in a very fresh olive oil. Absolutely worth the price for those who enjoy quality olive oil!


The blood orange marmalade is the best I have tasted (even when I was in Italy and Sicily.) Not overly sweet. Perfect !

I was very pleased with the products in the basket. The olive oil had a very flavorful taste. I also enjoyed the tomato sauce.

I sent this as a gift and the recipient seemed pleased. I'm sure once she uses the goodies, she will be hooked!

Excellent products and customer service!

This is the best tasting and best quality of EVOO I have ever had. And the customer service is always excellent. Very caring and great integrity.

We LOVE Papa Vince EVOO!

I first encountered Vitina and Papa Vince several years ago when they only advertised on Facebook. I ordered a bottle and have been in love every since my first taste. This organic olive oil has a distinct, peppery finish when you taste in that starts with a fragrant nose of fresh grass.
I have bought this oil for several years as gifts for favorite people and fellow foodies. This shipment is for my husband and I, my Mama, my Kids, and my brother <3

The Most Delicious Olive Oil on the Planet

If you love Olive Oil you have got to try Papa Vince. The flavored Chili and Lemon are out of this world. Highly recommend.

Worth the cost. Great customer service. Stands out in revipes

I will use this brand again. The flavor of the oil is spot on, clean, crisp and perfect for my holiday lemon green bean (3 ingredient) recipe. When you need the oil to be a stand alone flavored oil this is the one. Pricy

Keep on Counter for Easy Access

I bought this trio in full size bottles for myself last year. I keep it on the counter for easy access. Think of the uses! The balsamic vinegar is great with either oil for salad dressing- simple or with added herbs & spices. The olive oil is great of all cooking & marinades. The lemon olive oil is fabulous with fish, seafood & chicken.

Love this Olive Oil

Great Taste and great for cooking as always. I buy this all the time when I am out. Thank You for this great fresh product!