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Hands Down…the best

Been a customer well over 10yrs. Top Tier people, products and processes. The is THE BEST olive oil you will ever put in your gullet. But it. Now.

Pure Italian

I have been using Papa Vince olive oil for many years. There is nothing that can compare with it. It is truly a pure olive oil. Take a taste on your tongue and enjoy the peppery flavor you’ll feel. You will not get that from any other olive oil. Make sure to try their other products. All top quality.

Best of the best !

Worth very dime. Fresh clean and a little warm pepper. I have a teaspoon first thing every morning just before breakfast and on our salads always. There’s no better tasting olive oil anywhere. Perfect!!

Good olive oil

I am new to olive oil. I started using it to cut down on butter. I don’t really know what good olive oil should taste like. But, I learned quickly that the olive oils sold at stores nearby are not good. I was told to get a certain brand, which I did not find, but I came upon Papa Vince and decided to try it. The other ones cannot compare.


Great olive oil

I particularly enjoy the lemon olive oil. It is great when used with fish.

Heaven in a bottle

Absolutely wonderful. I enjoy it daily. I would love it if you came out with another salad variety to include more italian herbs for salads as well. A little variation would be nice for us daily users. Thanks. So glad I discovered you. Anthony Lucido. San Diego, California


Papa Vince always puts out awesome products. Then just as I wonder if they have an idea for something new, I suddenly get a new e-mail about them having something new...this time a Chili sauce. I ordered one, then tasted just a tad bit and ended up ordering three more. All the products I have tried from them are awesome and make me want to buy, If you love coffee, I recommend both flavors of their coffee.

The best!

I have been using this olive oil for some time now and would use no other. It is the finest product from a family business dedicated to service and product purity. Try some, its the best.

The Best Balsamic Glaze

Delicious! I love it in my smoothies, salads, topping fruit. This is the best tasting & what makes it better is I know it’s healthy for me. Thank you, Papa Vince, for the wonderful product.

Wonderful product grown in a wonderful country by a wonderful family!!!

The Papa Vince products are all good but we, Joe and I , especially like the Olive oil (natural, virgin) and the balsamic glaze, which adds a delicious twist to many foods (try it, especially on ham, vegetables, and even potatoes)

Excellent product

I love these oils!!!
I have been buying them for years now. They are the best!!!
Do not miss the pepper infused oil!!

I have been buying this Evo for several years. I love it. The pepper infused olive oil is especially good when is mixed with a little bit of the balsamic vinegar and regular vinegar. It is definitely a hit for salads and more!!! I add it to a chimichurri sauce that I make for steak and chicken! DELICIOUS!!!
I bought several small bottles as presents. Last month, I had to buy a big bottle for a friend because she loves it and asked me if she could find a bigger size bottle of this oil. Thank you for such excellent product and service!!!!

Italian Salad dressing

The salad dressing olive oil is great I love it I will definitely be getting more of it thank you


Excellent, fresh and delicious! The best EVOO I’ve ever had! Moscato is excellent too! And excellent customer service!

The Best as always .
Many Thanks Vitina!

Extra virgin olive oiil

Before finding Papa Vince, I tried several highly rated olive oils and this is by far the best. I have been using this brand for years and will not change!

I love this salad dressing!

I absolutely love Papa Vince Salad Dressing! It has a rich flavor but it’s still light and delicious! I recently gifted bottles to my family. We are all “hooked” and use it fish, chicken & salad.

Amazing Flavor

It tastes so good!!! It is a massage for my taste buds. I savor it and don’t want to waste a drop. It is hard to believe that it has so much flavor. I hope you get to have some and share it! Everything tastes better when we share!

I ❤️ this Olive Oil!
So delicious with what your cooking, the flavor just comes out. A piece of bread with oregano and garlic. Yum!

Chili Pepper EVOO

This EVOO goes very well with scrambled eggs.I also use it to pan fry fish. It gives a subtle spiciness.

Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin - Unblended, Family Harvest, High in Polyphenols, Single Estate, First Cold Pressed, Sicily, Italy, Peppery Finish, Unfiltered, Unrefined,