Our Story

About Us

About Us

My family has been growing, harvesting and pressing its own Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1935. Our orchards are located in Sicily, Italy.

How we got our start?

Our story starts with Papa Vince, the cute old man on the label. He learned the art of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) when working as an apprentice for the Knight of De Stefani at the Medieval Castello of Rampinzeri, Santa Ninfa, Italy.

What makes our product unique?

In 2013, Papa Vince decided to enter the USA committed to bring an extra virgin olive oil that truly delivered the health and taste claimed by History and Science. We are happy to tell you that our reviews speak of our success and have encouraged us to extend our product line beyond just EVOO.

Why we love what we do?

There are voices encouraging us to increase profits by sacrificing quality, but long ago, as a family, we decided to pursue excellence regardless. You know what's funny? While pursuing excellence, we stumbled into our own destiny - THE JOY OF ADDING DELIGHT to many when sitting around the table.