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Papa Vince grows & presses its own #OrganicEVOO


It doesn’t matter what you buy from Papa Vince, all our products follow the same quality guidelines.
This is what you can expect:

No Pesticides | No Insecticides | No Herbicides | Non Gmo

No Sprayed with

No Chemicals | No Enhancers |
No Additives

No Preservatives |
No Artificial Flavors

No Hidden Ingredients |
No Standardization

No Synthetic Fibers | No Synthetic Vitamins |
No Synthetic Nutrients

No Bleaching |
No Coloring

All Papa Vince's products are produced in small quantities with few ingredients of high quality and allows you to taste the nuances of nature instead of a standardized flavors created by the corporations.

JOIN US FOR THE OLIVE HARVEST - Yes, we love to take our customers with us where the magic of the Olive Harvest, the Myth of the Island of Sicily and eating at the table with Papa Vince Family combined to give you the most memorable trip ever!!

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about us

With Papa Vince, the cute old man on the label.

He learned the art of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) when working as an apprentice for the Knight of De Stefani at the Medieval Castello of Rampinzeri, Santa Ninfa, Italy.

Under the knight's careful guidance, Papa learned that the SECRET of a great EVOO starts way before the harvest, with years of caring for your trees.

He used to tell us that the olive trees were moody, yet extremely generous. If you care for them properly through their lifetime, they would consistently deliver you the sweetest harvest yielding extraordinary delectable EVOO.

In fact, the quality of Papa Vince EVOO is so superior, that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE!!

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