Vegetable Peeler | HANDHELD ALL IN ONE Kitchen TooL | SPIRALIZER |KETO / LOW CARB / VEGAN DIET - Papa Vince

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About the Papa Vince Vegetable Peeler



  1. Regular Peeler Blade
  2. Serrate/Julianne Blade
  3. Mini-Mandolin
  4. Garlic Peeler
  5. Garlic Paste Maker
  6. V-Cut, Semi-Ellipse Cut and Triangle Cut
  7. Includes 4 quick & easy Keto Zucchini Spaghetti Recipes


  • ALL-IN-ONE KITCHEN TOOL | Peeler | Slicer | Zucchini Noodle Maker | Fruit & Vegetable Carver | Garlic, Ginger & Cheese Grater
  • LIFE WARRANTY BLADE | does not lose sharpness with use
  • DOUBLE BLADE | easy to peel even tough vegetables like a butternut squash | jullienne blade for easy to make zucchini noodles & salad garnishes
  • SMALL & COMPACT | stores easily in a drawer | take with you when traveling
  • ADDITIONAL EXTRAS | use the same tool to make matchstick veggies (cucumbers & carrots) for dips & healthy snacking
  • HEALTHY TOOL | can help to follow low carb diets | Keto Diet | Vegan Diet | Paleo Diet | Whole30 | Mediterranean Diet


• SLICER | use to slice cucumbers, squash & zucchini | make scalloped potatoes & chips | use to shred cabbage & onions | use to make your own coleslaw | simply insert the peeler in the mini-mandolin and it becomes a SLICER.
• SPIRALIZER | easily make spaghetti noodles & hash browns with the julienne blade
• GRATER | grate onions, cheese, garlic, ginger, carrots | save money on prepackaged veggies 
• CARVER | easily make creative fruits & veggies | tomatoes, strawberries, 
WATERMELON and CANTALOUPE CARVER | cut & decorate cantaloupe and watermelon
U-SHAPE & V-SHAPE CARVING BLADE | make your own matchstick veggies

    About Papa Vince

    My family has been growing, harvesting and pressing its own Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1935. Our orchards are located in Sicily, Italy.

    Papa Vince entered the US market in March 2013. Since then, the excitement that our customers share daily through emails, phone calls and in social media has catapulted us to expand our tent beyond Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    In 2016 we decided to partner with local artisans in Sicily to bring to you, our customer, the highest quality possible pastas, tomato sauces, vinegars, sea salt, marmalades and coffee, all made in Sicily with clean ingredients. 

    Papa Vince is a small family business. Our goal is to restore the joy of family and friends sitting around the table to enjoy an incredible meal - just like the ones Grandma used to make. Once you taste Papa Vince foods we are convinced you will become part of our family. It’s the Italian way – to make friends, with good food around the table. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Noodles excellent

    Whether with pasta sauce or in soup. Great texture and taste.

    Kitchen cooking utensils, and videos.

    I so much enjoy using all of my new ‘cooking tools’! The zucchini spiralizer, vegetable slicer, stainless dual vegetable cutter, garlic paste maker & peeler. These all help me to prepare your delicious meal with ease, in less time. Those wonderful videos are just like inviting you into my own home to guide me through! TY !


    love them

    Fun Kitchen Gadgets

    I really enjoy the new gadgets PaPa Vince has added to my kitchen arsenal. The vegetable peeler and noodle maker does a great job, and my family loves having new ways to eat their veggies. Not enough to sub out pasta, but enough to increase their portions when they are noodle-y or spiraled. It makes dinner time so interesting and appealing, especially with some yummy PaPa Vince Olive Oil poured over them - the PaPa Vince Lemon Olive Oil over carrots is FANTASTICO!. Veggies are not the same old boring shapes anymore! The blades on each of the items are extra sharp and remain that way after multiple dishwasher cycles. Thank you PaPa Vince for making meal time so healthy and fun. We are truly building meal time memories of love and laughter around the healthy dinner table, with PaPa Vince products!