Papa Vince Extra Olive Lemon Oil - NO PESTICIDES, First Cold Pressed, Family Harvest Dec 2018, Sicily, Italy | Rich in Vitamins A, B6, E & K1 | Artisan, Unrefined | 16.91 fl oz


  • CLEAN FOOD | no artificial additives or preservatives | no pesticides
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS | 100% Made with whole lemons & whole lemons | no artificial flavors 
  • HEALTHY FAT | Excellent source of fat | Ketogenic Diet | Vegan Diet | Mediterranean Diet | Paleo Diet | Whole 30 Diet
  • RICH IN VITAMINS A, B6, E and K1| no added synthetic vitamins
  • 100% FAMILY MADE with hand picked olives & lemons from our own orchards in Santa Ninfa, Sicily, Italy.  100% Product of Italy.
  • FIRST COLD PRESSED EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - clean tasting olive juice with lemon and hints of tomato, artichoke & pepper.
  • HARVEST DATE: 2018-2019 - we harvest from November to January.  Each harvest tastes different.
  • 4-YEAR SHELF LIFE before opening, due to the high anti-oxidant content >478.
  • THE LOWEST ACIDITY IN THE MARKET (FFA < .26) - the lower the acidity, the better the quality of oil with the highest content of anti-oxidants and essential oils.
  • GET READY FOR THE PEPPERY KICK - you will feel it at the back of your throat. This is how you know that Papa Vince is 100% OLIVE JUICE, full of antioxidants & alive with flavor.
  • SMOKE POINT > 375º F | The higher the quality, the greater the smoke point.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Description

Our Story Starts...
with Papa Vince, the cute old man on the label.

He learned the art of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) when working as an apprentice for the Knight of De Stefani at the Medieval Castello of Rampinzeri, Santa Ninfa, Italy.

Under the Knights careful guidance, GrandPa learned the SECRET ART of making what he used to call “LIQUID GOLD.”

Papa used to tell us that...

...the fresh winds of the hills were the unending source of his orchards health and fruitfulness. This is why we use NO INSECTICIDES, NO HERBICIDES, NO PESTICIDES. 

.. he would only use nocellara del Belice olives, not only are they the sweetest but they boast 4-times the shelf life of other varieties. This is why Papa Vince is UNREFINED, UNFILTERED and completely RAW.


  • Mix with Papa Vince Sea Salt to make your own clean & zesty salad dressing.
  • Use as a finishing oil to enhance the flavor of veggies, soups, pasta dishes, poultry, meat & fish.
  • Use as a dipping oil and serve with fresh bread or julienne veggies.
  • Can be used for baking, roasting or cooking.
  • Store away from light & heat.  Use with 12 months of opening.

Condition Note:

2018 - 2019 Harvest. Best Used before 11/2030.  Use within 12 months of opening.  Long duration due to high levels of antioxidants. No other oils processed in this facility besides extra virgin olive oil.

Legal Disclaimer:

Papa Vince's Lemon Olive Oil is a harvested product. It tastes different every year.

Import Designation:


Country as Labeled:


About Papa Vince

Vitina Feo ProfileMy family grows, harvest and presses its own Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1935 in Sicily, Italy.

As farmers, we are frustrated with a food industry that demands mediocrity to meet market demands. This is why we entered the market in 2013, to bring you the REAL EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

Papa Vince is a small family-owned business.

Our goal is to restore the joy of family and friends sitting around the table to enjoy an incredible meal - just like the ones Grandma used to make. Once you taste Papa Vince foods we are convinced you will become part of our family. It’s the Italian way – to make friends, with food around the table. 

Customer Reviews

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Olive Lemon Oil

It's fantastic, first time trying it !


Always good!


This olive oil is delicious! It is a beautiful color and has a wonderful taste I would describe it as a mild olive oil. The lemon scent is pure heaven. I have been using it to drizzle over eggs I know that's strange but it's really a good combination.
I also have used it over lightly poached fish, and I sauteed shrimp in it. FANTASTIC!!
I have not yet tried the regular olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Wonderful New Harvest

The 2018 harvest Extra Virgin Lemon Olive Oil is excellent.
Suggestion, use FED Ex in the future for delivery. Premium products deserve premium delivery.
Thank you

Lemon oil

Just tried it on my salad I’m impressed!