Why harvest-vacationing with Papa Vince LLC?

You’ve fallen in love with our products, now we’re inviting you to come and complete your experience. Learn first hand the life, tradition, and culture of Sicily, we offer an experience like no other. Our tours offer:

Family Touch
Your personal tour leaders: Stefano & Vitina Feo, members of the Papa Vince family. With family in Sicily and a deep personal love of the island, they are passionate about giving you the most unforgettable Diving-into-the-Culture Experience. After one Papa Vince Tour, you are sure to want to return … and to convince your friends to come with you!

Smaller Groups
We offer a limited number of spaces on our tours, often to only 6 guests + 2 tour leaders. This means that you can be assured of personal attention, plus a convivial atmosphere where you not only get to know the other tour guests but also our Sicilian hosts. A Papa Vince Tour is the place where a life-long friendship can be formed.

Specially Selected Tours
Papa Vince LLC itineraries have been expertly designed to provide the ultimate travel experience. Our itineraries offer a variety of activities from learning how to cook as an Italian from family members to experience the enchantment of history and art as we immerse you in the local culture and way of life. For those who enjoy a fast-paced vacation, we can also offer additional excursions at a reasonable cost.

Professional local guides
You will experience Sicily with our professional licensed local guides who will introduce you to the local culture, cuisine, and history of your destination in English that is clearly spoken. Our personable local guides will ensure that every moment of your sightseeing experience is filled with wonder and discovery.

Authentic Accommodations
During many of our tours, we choose to stay at Agriturismo locations. These are bed and breakfast establishments located on farms in the Sicilian countryside that provide bed and breakfast services along with home-style, natural cooking. They feature all natural ingredients with centuries-old recipes to set your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. They are also a place of learning as you experience the cookery demonstrations, pick up the lingo, enjoy the atmosphere of an Italian family and this is often the most enjoyable aspect of the tour. Tour guests on our Western Sicily tour will spend a day at Papa Vince’s working farm and meet members of Papa Vince’s family.

Wine Tours and Cooking Classes
All our tours include a visit to a local vineyard as well as live cookery demonstrations. In our mind, this is an essential part of our itinerary for our guests to enjoy the full Sicilian experience. Please refer to the specific itinerary for details.

We take the stress out of vacation planning
Stefano & Vitina will handle all the details. So all you need to be concerned about is packing your suitcase!