Summer Kiwi Salad

by Esther Milne June 03, 2019

Summer Kiwi Salad

A light and refreshing summer salad.  The Lemon Olive Oil and the kiwi pair together perfectly!  

Healthy, delicious and clean eating at its best!  This salad makes a delightful side dish for grilled chicken & fish!

Ready in:  10 minutes    Serves:  2

1 Kiwi
1 medium tomato
2 mini bell peppers
1 kernel of corn
Mixed lettuce leaves
Papa Vince Lemon Olive Oil
Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Papa Vince Sea Salt

1.  Put the salad leaves in a bowl.
2.  Peel the kiwi with the Papa Vince Peeler and slice thinly.
3.  Slice the bell peppers using the Papa Vince Peeler.
4.  Slice the tomato thinly.
5.  Shave off some of the corn using the Papa Vince Peeler.
6.  Put all the ingredients in the bowl.
7.  Mix with 1 tbsp Papa Vince EVOO, 1 tbsp Papa Vince Lemon Oil and a pinch of Papa Vince Sea Salt (to taste)
8.  Mix together and serve.

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Esther Milne
Esther Milne


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