Is extra virgin olive oil good for your hair

by Bold App August 15, 2020

Four years ago, I decided to start nourishing my hair with extra virgin olive oil mainly because I was experiencing a bit of hair loss and thinness. For my surprise, Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only reduced my hair loss significantly but it invigorated it, making it stronger and shiny again.

How do I apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil to my hair?

Personally, I just put about 1 teaspoon of Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my hands and apply it all over my wet hair right after I shower. The amount you need will depend on your hair volume and nourishing need. Therefore feel free to play with the amount until you find what works best for you.

Once a year, I have my daughter massage my hair with a full glass of Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then, I covered my head with a shower cap and go to bed. Next day, I shampoo it twice. The first day, it looks a bit oily but the second day after I shower, it looks just great!!

Extra Virgin Olive oil is a natural balm to your hair because of its oily consistency and richness in nutrients (Papa Vince's extra virgin olive oil is loaded with vitamin E.) It also have a great detangling effect leaving your hair always soft and shiny.


  • It will make your hair Healthier and Shinier - Papa Vince EVOO is loaded with Vitamins E
  • It will repair areas of your hair that has been damaged or abused by too much sun exposure or poor quality shampoos.
  • It will make Fine Hair Stronger
  • It will reduce Frizziness
  • It will fight split hair at its core
  • It will beautifully moisturize your hair preventing it from becoming dry

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