How to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil like a Pro! | Papa Vince

How to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil like a Pro!

Cousin Vito is Papa Vince's grandson, he has spent his whole life in the olive orchards in Sicily.  He oversees the entire process of making our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, he eats, sleeps, dreams & breathes olive oil and when he visited us in Gulf Shores, he shared some simple tips on how to recognize a good olive oil.

Steps to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. A good Extra Virgin Olive Oil should have an aroma of the fresh produce of the land.  Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from the Valley of Belice in Sicily and you can recognize the aromas of artichoke, tomatoes and freshly cut grass.
  2. When you taste the EVOO you should be aware of the peppery kick at the back of your throat.  Just watch Vitina in the video, it's proof that it's there!  These are the antioxidants that are bringing life & health to your body!
  3. The color of a good EVOO .  Don't be fooled into thinking that the color green is an indicator of a fresh olive oil, look for a golden green color.  Remember that it's the fresh green aroma that guarantees it's alive with flavor!


We put together the video below so that you can hear Vito's explanation but don't worry if you can't understand Italian, Vitina was there to interpret for him!

If you love our video & you want to find out more, come and join our olive harvest in Sicily.  Our tour takes place every Fall & we'd love you to come and experience it with us!  Cousin Vito & his family are waiting for you to come to Sicily!