60 min over time How to Buy Olive Oil

July 02, 2016

Don’t fall Victim of Olive Oil Fraud


Video Transcript

When you walk into the mill you are just hit with this extraordinary aroma that is so pleasing. It makes the hair in the back of you neck kind of stand up. I do not know what it is. And then when you taste it, it is so rich!! You do not have to put any other spice in your food. You can see why the Romans and the Greeks developed this food because it really is the food of the Gods. And the color, the color. When you see it there is like this luminescent green. like nothing you have seen before and taste like nothing you’ve taste before.

What is Extra Virgin Olive oil?


It is the first pressing of the Olive Harvest and it is 100% pure. This is why foodies love it.


Can you explain how Olive Oil have been adulterated?


Olive oil fraud has gone on for the better part of 4 millenial. The difference now is that the food supply change is so vast, so global, and so lucrative that it is easy for the bad guys to introduce adulterated extra virgin olive oil or mix it with lower quality olive oil with extra virgin olive oil.


Are cases where the extra Virgin Olive Oil is being cut with something that is unhealthy or even poisenous.


First of all, if it kills people BAD BUSINESS. Mafia hates attention.


How do you make fake Extra Virgin Olive oil


The most basic type of aduteration to create a fake extra virign olive oil is taking a seed oil like sunflower oil. No smell and adding chorolfphil to give it a little bit of more color and add carotene to get some fruitniness. We were showing. We showed in the lab how this was done by major Cairo Tiro and you can do this in a matter of moments


When you are buying EVOO look closely at the label. If the label says made in Italy that is not good enough. Plenty of time that means that it was packaged there. Not produced there. The olive oil should also indicate a specific city where it was made. I would look for the company in Italy that produced. Is it a city in Sicily or Puglia. These are places in Italy where the make Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Also look for harvest day


Extra Virgin olive oil is a fruit drink just like plums. Would you drink a 2 3 year old juice. WHy would you be consuming rancid Extra Virgin?


If you really want to make sure you are getting really fresh EVOO then buy EVOO that is closer to home. There is top notch EVOO made in CA. Because they are made here, they are fresh and you can get your hand as soon as they are press.


Therefore, there is some benefit to buy local.


Yes there is, But I am going to tell yoy I am biased. I do not think anything can be better that Italian EVOO and if you read . If you are a foodi and you really want that experience of a genuine fresh italian Extra Virgin Oive Oil you are going to have to go online.


More and more growers are opening their own website. They are trying to sell directly to the consumer to keep any shagani to happen to the oil


The less you pay, the less likely is authentic.


If you are paying $7 or $9 for a bottle of Italian EVOO, probably is not Italian Extra Virgin