Papa Vince EVOO and Alzheimer’s disease

January 30, 2014

It appears in the journal of ACS Chemical Neuroscience. Oleacanthal, one of the 200 anti-oxidants present in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, has the power to boost proteins and key enzymes to be critical in removing beta-amyloid, the main culprit of Alzheimer’s, from the brain. Papa Vince EVOO is loaded with polyphenols and anti-oxidants that have the power to help you reduce the risk of Alzheimer. How can I tell that Papa Vince is loaded with anti-oxidants? The peppery kick in the back of your throat is proof of it. Most of the supermarket brands cannot deliver the health power of EVOO because they don’t have antioxidants at all. That is why they go rancid quickly. To check our chemical analysis, click here. And remember, our goal is to bless you with an EVOO that truly delivers health and nutrients to your body they way God intended from creation. For more information about Alzheimer click here. #papavinceevoo #Alzheimer #EVOO #oleacanthal