"Oil Pulling" - Another Way Olive Oil Can Aid Your Health

July 17, 2014

By Vitina Feo


1) Have you ever heard of olive oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient technique drawing from Ayurvedic (Hindu traditional) medicine. It assists with oral health and detoxing of the mouth, teeth, gums and throat. It may aid in restoring and cleansing other organs of the body as well. Pure oil is used as a collection agent to help pull harmful bacteria, fungus and other organisms from the mouth.

2) How is it done?

Here is how you can effectively pull with olive oil: Start by putting about a tablespoon of cold-pressed, pure organic oil in the mouth, swish it around for about 10-15 minutes, and then spit it out. One nutritionist recommends switching oils every few days to get the full benefit. Extra virgin olive oil has natural anti-viral properties so a high quality extra virgin olive oil is a good choice for the oil. Never use rapeseed oil (also known as canola oil), hydrogenated, or processed oils. The oil mixes with the saliva, which then turns into a thin white liquid. The lipids in the oils start pulling toxins out from the saliva. As you swish the oil around the mouth, teeth, gums and tongue, it continues to absorb toxins. It usually ends up becoming a thick, rather viscous white liquid. When it reaches this consistency, you spit it out to avoid reabsorbing the toxins. If it is still yellow, then swish it around for a few moments longer until it becomes white. It is recommended that you do this pulling on an empty stomach upon waking. If you are ill, you may want to repeat it three times a day, but be sure to do it before meals and on an empty stomach each time. In addition, it is recommended that you never swallow the oil as it has accumulated toxins and therefore can contain harmful bacteria, which you do not want in your stomach, digestive system, etc. After all the swishing and pulling, you should rinse your mouth out well with clean, pure water and clean your sink with antibacterial soap.

3) Why is it done?

The benefits of pulling high quality, organic oil in the mouth are multi-faceted. Several studies have shown that it is effective to boost overall health. Oil pulling also is thought to increase the saponification of the mouth, cleaning it as a soap would. Vegetable fat is naturally an emulsifier. This helps to clean out harmful bacteria as well as reduce the overgrowth of fungi. The oils are thought to possibly help in cellular restructuring, which can assist the proper function of the lymph nodes and other internal organs. One thing that occurs during the oil pulling process is increasing the metabolism. This can lead to improvements in overall health. A striking effect one may notice early on is that any loose teeth become more strongly fastened in the mouth. It also has led to visible teeth whitening and decreased bleeding of the gums.

4) The Science behind the Method:

Scientific studies have shown that pulling with various oils can create a positive, statistically significant reduction in the amount of gingivitis, and prevention of dental caries (cavities). One study in 2008 found a “remarkable reduction in the total count of bacteria” in the mouth, as well as overall marked reduction in susceptibility to dental cavities. In these studies, participants showed an overall reduction of bacteria from 10% to 33.4%, and after 40 days of oil-pulling, participants showed an average of 20% reduction in oral bacteria. Half of all study participants in this case also showed a drastic reduction in susceptibility to dental caries.

5) Are there Health Benefits beyond the Mouth?

Ancient Ayurvedic health practitioners believed that oil pulling could reduce more than just diseases of the mouth and throat. Today, many holistic practitioners tout its use for a variety of health concerns ranging from migraine headaches to arthritis and joint pains as well as blood pressure maladies and diabetes. References: 1. http://www.foodmatters.tv/articles-1/oil-pulling-the-habit-that-can-transform-your-health 2. http://www.truthinoliveoil.com/extra-virginity/ 3. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?43153-Oil-Pulling